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Blackline®  — 997067 - 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 SODIMM PC3-12800 9-9-9-28 Blackline (997067)

Dual Channel Kit
Engineered for dual-channel architecture.
Enhanced Frequency
This product has been programmed to operate at the ideal frequency for your system when properly installed.
Enhanced Timings
This product has been programmed for timings that offer improved performance when properly installed.
This product has been tested by hand for quality assurance.
Lifetime Warranty
Quality guaranteed - we offer a lifetime warranty on this product and genuine, unmatched service and support.


Voltage: 1.5V
Speed Spec: PC3-12800
Frequency: 1600MHz

Kit Type: Dual Kit
Module Size: 8GB

tCL: 9
tRCD: 9
tRP: 9
tRAS: 28

Cooling Technology
Heatsink: none



"The design incorporates part of the Get More logo as the fins on the assembly. The heat sinks are beefy to say the least and manage the thermal load quite well with minimal airflow over the modules. While not the tallest design around, and by no means is this a Mushkin exclusive, you may run into interference issues when using large air cooled heat sinks for the CPU – depending of course on which DIMM slots you use the modules in[...] Over the years, Mushkin has earned the trust and loyalty of many users with its commitment to quality by hand-testing each set of modules and delivering great customer service, not to mention a product that just works; when it doesn't, the lifetime warranty is there to soften the blow. [The] Blackline modules are the lowest priced 2400MHz kit on Newegg at the time of this writing, presenting some incredible value for your money.." 

Said ccokeman at overclockersclub.com

Read more: http://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/mushkin_blackline_997123r/

"Although these sticks are not considered in the top of the line RAM talks, they are without a doubt extremely solid for the average overclocker. As this was my first experience with Mushkin, I would have to say it has been a very good experience for me. I have purchased RAM in the past that would only go a few MHz over rated specifications.  This RAM went 206MHz over the rated specifications." 

Said The Duke at techreaction.net

Read more: http://www.techreaction.net/2010/03/30/mushkin-enhanced-blackline-pc3-12800-7-9-7-24-model-998782/

"So the performance isn’t mind blowing, and the overclocking isn’t out of this world, but it performs well against hefty competition, stays cool with tweaked voltages and goes a bit further than it’s rated to go with very little tweaking. It’s not the best kit out there, but it beat out our competitior sticks in certain tests by a good margin.

For a nice middle of the road kit with subdued styling, you can’t really go wrong with this one from Mushkin." 

Said XSReviews.co.uk

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"If the idea of 12GB of RAM tickles your fancy then we can heartily recommend the Mushkin. It's from a well established company. It looks the part. It does the job and has a surprising amount of overclocking headroom. Very nice indeed." 

Said Bryan Waters at overclock3d.net

Read more: http://www.overclock3d.net/reviews/memory/mushkin_blackline_12gb_kit_review/1

"The Mushkin Blackline 12GB kit definitely exceeded my expectations! These sticks didn't even feel warm in use and felt like they had much more headroom for overclocking than my CPU could keep up with. [...]In the end, if you need or want a high speed 12GB kit, the Mushkin Blackline 998990 is a great choice!

Said RHKcommander959 at overclockersclub.com

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"The value for money is mostlyeven if the kit comes expensive than similar products of competitors. The Technic3D editorial awards a Gold Award at the Mushkin Ridgeback 4GB PC1333 DDR Memory Kit.

Said Oliver Hall at technic3d.com

Read more: http://www.technic3d.com/review/speicher/1160-mushkin-ridgeback-4gb-ddr3-1333-cl7-speicherkit-im-test/1.htm

"With the quality of the heatsink and the overclocking possibility out of the kit, though, it manages to stand out from the pack. It's nice to see a new kit from Mushkin and know they haven't lost their touch when it comes to making awesome RAM that we want to buy. Another great Quad Channel kit for anyone who wants to jump on the X79 bandwagon!

Said Hilbert Hagedoorn at guru3d.com

Read more: http://www.guru3d.com/articles_pages/mushkin_blackline_ridgeback_2000_mhz_ddr3_8gb_review,1.html


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