Mushkin Solid-State Drive by Product Line


Whether it be world-champion overclockers, extreme gaming enthusiasts or high-end system builders, they all trust Mushkin’s high-performance memory and storage products.




Mushkin’s NEW STRIKER SSD is a state-of-art, ultra-performance SATA 6Gbps controller designed for the next generation storage requirements. It provides the foundation for the mainstream consumer platform as well as stringent, mission-critical industrial and enterprise hyperscale. With both speed and reliability, the STRIKER is the ultimate SSD choice!



Jaws will barely have time to drop. The REACTOR SSD provides the extreme performance benefits of a solid-state drive, while enabling the big data capacity of mechanical hard drives. Featuring the Silicon Motion SM2246EN controller which enables data transfer speeds to reach up to 560MB/s read and 460MB/s write. The REACTOR 1TB SSD is an ideal tool for gamers, professionals, and consumers in need of high capacity storage solutions.



Experience how fast computing can be by eliminating storage bottlenecks with Mushkin TRIACTOR. Engineered in the USA, TRIACTOR SSDs leverage the latest NAND flash and controller technologies to bring you incredibly fast and reliable storage.



Combining the energy efficiency of SSDs with an ECOnomical design, the Mushkin ECO2 Series SSD delivers unprecedented value. Designed and assembled from the ground up in the U.S.A., Mushkin ECO2 has the speed and reliability you need to transform your computer into a more powerful ECO-friendly machine.




Experience how fast computing can be by drastically reducing storage bottlenecks with Mushkin ECO3. Engineered in the USA, ECO3 SSDs leverage the latest NAND flash and controller technologies to bring you incredibly fast and reliable storage.


Mushkin Chronos Family

Chronos™ Family of SSDs 

Mushkin Chronos Family of SSDs provide the highest level of performance available today. Built with the premium speed NAND Flash components, storage system bottlenecks become a thing of the past. The ideal choice for multimedia professionals and enthusiasts. No matter what kind of data you are working with, if chart-topping speed is paramount, Chronos Deluxe is your best choice.




Catalyst™ - Cache SSD

Combine the capacity of your hard drive with the speed of an SSD and get supercharged performance at a budget-friendly price. The Mushkin Catalyst Cache SSD accelerates your hard drive by dynamically managing frequently accessed data on the SSD while using your existing hard drive for main storage.

ProSpec Enterprise class SSDs

 ProSpec - Enterprise Class SSD

Designed for the enterprise environment, Mushkin's ProSpec SSDs deliver random read/write performance of 80K/42K IOPS and a sustained transfer rate of 560MB/s, and are available in useable capacities ranging from 100GB to 400GB. Mushkin's enterprise class drives come equipped with commercial MLC Flash to achieve 10x the write endurance levels while also delivering no performance degradation over the life of the drive. Also featuring Mushkin's Power Safe Technology, ProSpec SSDs provide enhanced power-loss data protection through hardware and firmware-based features that prepare the SSD for an unexpected system power loss.


Chronos GO

Chronos GO - 1.8" SATAIII SSD

The new line of 1.8-inch Chronos Deluxe SSDs offer a smaller, lighter SSD solution, and performance and reliability improvements for power users that are unmatched. Originally designed as an enterprise-class drive, the new Chronos SSD has been adapted and re-engineered to deliver the highest possible storage capacity in a drive that is optimized for high-performance and ultimate reliability, even in the most demanding 24x7 environments.




Callisto DX

Callisto Deluxe™ 

From the most prestigious name in performance computing comes the Callisto Deluxe. With a massive leap in Input/Output Operations per Second (IOPS) over previous- generation SSDs combined with the industry’s most stringent quality-control standards, Callisto Deluxe delivers more.

Atlas Series



Introducing Atlas Family of products, from the fastest mSATA SSD on the market to the most aggresively prices M2.2280 Atlas VITAL. Designed to unleash the hidden performance of today’s notebooks and ultrabooks, the Atlas Family of SSDs are ready to take your PC to the next level.






Scorpion - PCI Express SSD 


Introducing Scorpion PCI Express SSD, designed with power users and multimedia designers in mind. The Scorpion Series SSD provides the ultimate storage solution for intensive workstation applications with maximum performance and a sophisticated scalable 2-way or 4-way based design.












Made with pride

Not many manufacturers can say they design, assemble and test their own products. But Mushkin has been designing its products since its inception in 1994. That means, for more than 20 years, we have been uniting all aspects of performance to engineer something you can't get from a spec sheet. 


What if? Two simple words. But when combined, the possibilities are endless. At Mushkin, we've stopped simply asking what if the impossible was possible and started manufacturing it. This though is at the core of every Mushkin Innovation. And it's led our engineers to develop everything from industry leading performance gaming memory to some of the most impressive storage technologies on the market. Try our innovations yourself and explore what's possible with Mushkin products.